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Our Films Over The Past Decade

Project Status:

Bloody 27 Released

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Midnight Dawn Post-Production

Genre: Drama

Unseen Pre-Production

Genre: Thriller (Filming Q4 2014)

A Day In The Life Rewrites

Genre: Drama (Filming Q2 2015)

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Spotlight On Our Feature Films

  • Bloody 27 - 2012

    Blurring the lines between a horror and comedy film, Bloody 27 was pure camp that was blessed with an amazing cast. Some of the best comedy bits were improvised and several actors really put in amazing performances. I am incredibly grateful for the work all the cast and crew did. Martin Seijo, Lauren Brown, Kayte Giralt and Jessica Graziano really knocked the funny bits out of the park.

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  • Midnight Dawn - 2014

    Coming in Winter 2014, Midnight Dawn is a edgy drama that follows the vigilante activities of a rogue spy. Based around characters created in our earlier short film Midnight Conflict (1998), our newest film follows a man driven to a killing spree to avenge the death of his ex-girlfriend.

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