Cleanse Patch – Detox Foot Patches

The Cleanse Patch is a cleansing program that utilizes foot patches to help flush toxins and impurities from the body. Detox foot patches are emerging as a popular alternative to other detoxification methods such as colon cleansing and fasting but there is still a significant difference between the aforementioned methods. In this article we’ll review these differences and the health benefits found specifically within the Cleanse Patch.

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The benefits from using a detox patch have been very well documented online but not all patches are equal. That being said, based on my research, here are the most consistent benefits you can expect from most patches: weight loss, healthier skin, healthier hair, joint pain relief, better sleep, alertness, better circulation, and stress reduction.

So how can applying a simple patch to the ¬†soles¬†capsicum heat patches of your feet do all that? It’s called the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is said to be responsible for regulating the bodies’ immune system, blood circulation, and removing toxins. Based on your lifestyle, overtime, the lymphatic system can become blocked preventing toxins from being released. This is how some of the symptoms are triggered. The Cleanse Patch claims the ability to unblock the lymphatic system by applying a foot patch on the soles of your feet prior to bedtime. Upon awakening, the results should physically be in the patch.

Going back to my point earlier, not all detox methods are the same. The Cleanse Patch is geared towards removing heavy metals and toxins through the skin. Although some of these toxins may cause digestive problems, the feet patches will not regulate or stabilize your digestive system like fasting or using a colon cleanse. You can also probably expect better weight loss with a colon cleanse. No matter your detox of choice, performing a routine cleanse can be the best way to give your body the relief that it needs.