Multi-Messenger – What Is It And What Does It Do?

Multi Messenger is often associated with a utility that was created to suppor Yahoo Instant Messenger. The Y!8th major version is now available. Multi Messenger allows you run multiple instances Yahoo Instant Messenger.There are many multi-messaging options that you should be aware of.


The Y! Multi Messenger may not work with all versions Yahoo Messenger. It is best to use the Messenger at least version 8.1 or higher.

MSN also offers multi-messenger functionality. It’s called polygamy. MSN Polygamy lets you run multiple instances MSN Messenger. It also allows you to use multiple accounts. Polygamy, a multi-messenger MSN called Polygamy, works with all versions MSN Messenger.

Trillian is the only instant messenger ELMESSENGER PRO REVIEW that has multi-messenger capability. Trillian is a multi-messenger instant messenger that does not require you to have an utility in order to create multiple instances. Trillian, also known as Trillion Messenger, will coordinate and manage the instances. This allows you to have multiple instances and multiple identities with one instance.

This article should have helped you to understand multi messenger and its various flavors. Multi messenger is not only a technology, but also a product name. If it’s the Yahoo utility, it’s the Y! Multi Messenger is a product name. It is Multi MSN Messenger if it is. This product name is classified as a patch. If it is Trillian, it means that the product has a technology that allows Trillian to be run in multiple instances. This technology can also connect to Yahoo, MSN and AOL.